About Us

Me Arts! is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides training in the arts through community-based educational programs and performance opportunities.

Me Arts! is an enrichment program focused on youth from communities traditionally underserved by the arts. We create opportunities for youth to be exposed to and train in dance, music, oratory, and acting. Participants can experience a variety of artistic expressions and are exposed to career paths in and around the arts.

Me Arts! uses curriculum professionals and teaching artists to create programming that is progressive, culturally relevant, diverse, socially informed, and community-based.

The teaching staff at Me Arts! are connected too and in tune with the diverse youth populations and communities we serve. We create opportunities for youth to explore the arts together by working closely with professional artists within their communities. Such training and collaboration builds and reinforces a sense of belonging in community and establishes positive, impactful adult-student relationships.

Me Arts! creates a safe environment for youth to be engaged, empowered and encouraged to explore expression through arts based learning. At Me Arts!, we

  • Engage youth in underserved communities through the arts
  • Provide learning opportunities through arts based learning projects
  • Provide leadership opportunities for youth
  • Empower and inspire youth to excel both artistically and academically

Youth in Me Arts! programs stay engaged, develop a love of learning, and focus on mastery through fun and creativity under the guidance of teaching artists. Me Arts! provides everything a community needs to support youth engagement: teaching artists, arts-based, community relevant curricula, and all-around support for the youth.